Hosting Events (Kenosha Outdoors)

We get requests for Kenosha Outdoors to host events frequently, so below are the rules and guidelines.

Events can only be posted by folks who have been named "Event Organizers" for Kenosha Outdoors. You can ask to be named an event organizer if you have attended at least 10 events with the group and have a good attendance record (i.e., no "no-shows", etc.) 

Don't sign up for this group just to promote your event. You must be an active participant and a named organizer.

No cross-posting events from other Meetup groups.

Events hosted by a 3rd party (e.g., triathlons, mud runs, Iron Man or similar) can only be posted by a named event organizer AND ONLY IF they are also attending and actively organizing our group's participation.

Fees can be charged for actual events where it's obviously required (e.g., zip lining, kayak rental, camping site reservations, etc.) However, events should not just be disguised sales events where goods or services are promoted.

Exceptions to these rules will be considered on a case-by-case basis.